Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My dream car

I want to get in Audi , S5 because this car is very cool!!

I like Audi, but I like BMW too.

I bought my dream car at last!! I'm so happy!!

I went the sea on summer vacation, but unfortunately I had an accident...

When I was driving, another driver was speeding and was talking on a cell phone.

He couldn't concentration drive of car so he hit my dream car.

My dream car was dented in a collision.


Rino said...

Oh noooooooo!

Chisa said...

You had't better call your phone when you are driving!

Ayumi said...

I didn't know type of your car.
It's very cool.
Let's go for a drive in your car!

narumi said...

I didnt't know about an accident.
Are you ok?

N A W A F said...

you baught really good car and I feel bad for this accedint